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The main causes of muscle pain are intense training, over-stretching, and prolonged exposure to one position. Next, we want to show you some exercises simple to help relieve muscle pain, remove tension and relax muscles.

Stretches to remove muscle tension.

1. Choose a position so that the muscles and ligaments that hurt are as close as possible to each other; This will reduce your tension and reduce pain. Try to maintain this state for a minute and a half. Then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise four times a day until the muscle pain is completely gone.

Exercise to remove muscle pain in the lumbar.

2. If your lower back and pelvis hurt. Lie face down on the bed with one leg and part of your pelvis hanging off it. This opens the sacroiliac joint, your ligaments stretch, and the pressure decreases.

3. If your lower back hurts. You can relax your lower back muscles while lying down. To do this, lie on your side on the bed, slightly bending your lower leg and hanging your upper leg. Grab the edge of the bed with your upper hand and reach out with this hand, expanding your body. At the same time, lift your upper leg toward your head. Do it several times.

Exercises to remove muscle pain in the spine.

4. If your thoracic spine hurts. Many of us stoop so the thoracic region protrudes forward. There are several ways to relax and stretch it:

• In bed: take a thick, long pillow and place it across your back. Stretch your arms and legs. This will straighten your spine and relieve pressure on your spinal discs.

• In a fitball: this method will help you stretch your back intensely. Lie on your back and bend over as much as possible. The main thing is not to fall, try to keep your balance!

• With a table: sit in front of a high and stable table (you can choose a chair instead of a table). Bend your elbows and place them on the table. Lowering your chest down, bend over. Stay in this position for a while.

• Near a wall: exactly the same exercise, you simply have to sit on your knees against the wall, rest against it with your arms extended and bend over.

5. Sit in a chair and turn to the left, grab the back of the chair with your right hand. Resist by turning to the right and pulling your right hand back.

Exercise to relax the whole back.

6. If your whole back hurts. This is a versatile exercise to relax your entire back. Embryo posture. Helps stretch the spinal ligaments and dura. To relieve stiffness, lie on the floor with your chin against your chest. Bend your legs and press them against your stomach. Swing slowly back and forth for a minute and a half.

Stretches to relax the cervical area.

7. If the cervicals hurt (suboccipital muscles). Often the neck hurts when the head is in the wrong position (bulging forward or backward). Have you noticed how the neck muscles start to ache when we look at the phone for a long time? Due to this posture, a headache can occur and vision, attention and memory are impaired as blood flow is disturbed. Therefore, to relax the painful area, tilt your head and lock your hands at the back of your head. Press the back of your head back, resisting with your hands. And so, eight approaches for two or three seconds.

In our chiromassage center Barcelona Lorem Massage & Wellness we can offer you a chiromassage with stretching. Treatment combines the techniques of decontracting massage with advanced passive and active stretching. We will also explain a personalized stretching guideline so that you can follow the treatment on your own!

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