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If you've ever worked out at the gym or worked out at home, remember these unpleasant sensations in your muscles in the morning after your workout.

Sometimes the pain goes away in a day and sometimes it lasts for several days. In addition, the Muscle pain After exercise, it is usually felt by people who have just started practicing sports or those who have done a very exhaustive training.

Why do muscles hurt after training?

There are two theories:

1. Lactic acid (lactate) produced during intense workouts causes a burning sensation in the muscles. This theory has been very popular for a long time, but today scientists have shown that immediately after exercise, lactate levels drop very quickly.

It turns out that, due to lactic acid, the muscles can ache during the physical exercise itself and for up to an hour afterwards. By the way, an interesting fact: lactate increases the acidity of the blood, which rejuvenates the whole body.

2. The second theory holds that muscle pain is caused by micro-trauma (strains and tears) that occur when the body works too hard. The muscle aches that the person feels occur during the recovery phase of the same.

Muscle pain from sports injuries and traumaors.

The four most common muscle injuries are:

1. Muscle cramps.

This is the mildest muscle injury. Cramps usually occur due to a lack of fluid during and after exercise, as well as built-up muscle tension.

2. Muscle contractures.

This muscle injury feels like a spasm, but it occurs after exercise. This injury is minor, but quite painful: the pain can last up to ten days.

3. Sprain or muscle strain.

A muscle sprain is a partial tear of the internal structure of the muscle caused by overuse of the muscle. The magnitude of the tear will determine the pain we will feel and the recovery time. Sprains usually occur in the hips and calves. A full recovery usually takes 10-15 days of rest.

4. Muscle tear.

Muscle rupture usually occurs when the muscle contracts strongly at the same time as it is being stretched. In such circumstances the damaged parts (fibers) separate from each other and therefore a total tear occurs. With such injuries, sharp and severe pain is felt. Here you will need a medical consultation to focus your recovery more effectively.

What to do to reduce muscle soreness after exercise?

Relax. Yes, it is better to give the body time to recover after a hard workout (a day or two). But if the discomfort persists, it gives the muscles half their usual load. This will help you not lose your shape and not overload yourself in the next workouts.

Apply cold. Cold compresses or dry ice can help relieve pain associated with inflammatory processes in the muscle.

Take a lukewarm bath. If muscle pain persists for several days, take a hot bath - blood vessels will expand, blood flow will improve, and healing will be faster.

Chiromassage. Proper massage stimulates blood flow to damaged muscles, which will speed recovery.

Adequate sleep. In a dream, the body recovers and the muscles are no exception. Therefore, you should get 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night.

Prevention of muscle pain and maintenance of muscles.

Muscles tend to ache after micro-injuries, so we must help them recover as soon as possible. Make sure to add these foods to your diet and very soon you will forget about the Muscle pain.

What to eat to restore muscles?

1. Cherry juice. A study involving athletes showed that cherry juice accelerates recovery after intense exercise and reduces muscle pain.

2. Cheese killed. This fermented dairy product contains a complex protein called casein, which helps your muscles recover while you sleep.

3. Cinnamon and ginger. A pinch of these spices relieves muscle pain. They can be added to coffee, cereals or toast.

4. Coffee. If you love coffee, we have good news. Drinking an invigorating drink an hour before training can help reduce muscle soreness and help you recover faster after exercise.

5. Watermelon. Imagine a cold, juicy slice of watermelon right after your workout. The amino acid L-Citrulline will calm your muscles. Interestingly, watermelon juice restores heart rate, replenishes glycogen stores, and prevents dehydration.

5. Banana. It is a great source of easily digestible carbohydrates and potassium. Eating whole bananas or adding them to smoothies is important to prevent muscle pain.

You can find the more detailed list here.

However, there are also foods that are best avoided if your muscles are sore. These are sugar and alcohol.

How to remove muscle pain?

If you experience muscle pain after exercise, when you wake up from sleep, during stressful periods or when you have been in an inappropriate position for a long time, our tips will help you. 

Tips to eliminate muscle pain at home.

• Bath or sauna. This is the ideal way to relax your muscles as it not only increases the positive effects after training but also relieves pain. You can bathe in sea salt for half an hour to help reduce muscle pain.

• Hot shower. If you cannot use the sauna, a good alternative is a hot shower. Warm water helps relax muscles and stimulates blood circulation.  

• Vitamins and fruits. Eat more fruits and take a complex of vitamins and minerals in parallel.

• Water. Muscles love water, so don't forget about hydration. Let it be water, berry juice, or green tea.

• Complete rest. To help your muscles recover and not hurt, you must rest. Alternate heavy loads and other activities with good rest. A healthy eight-hour sleep is just as important!

More remedies for muscle aches

• Pool. Water perfectly restores muscles and relieves stress on the spine. Therefore, it is ideal if you go to the pool after training. And you don't even need to swim, you just need to stay in the water for 15-20 minutes. 

• Chiromassage. This is an important recipe for fighting muscle pain, which restores not only the muscles, but also the nervous system as a whole. The ideal option is 10-12 massage sessions per year or one session every two weeks.

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